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Spiritualism means many things to different people, however to Mr Yaseen it means being able to use his superior spiritual knowledge to bring happiness into other people's lives

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Spiritual Healing

What is Spiritual Healing?

If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health, drawing on spiritual energies or forces through spiritual healing can be extremely beneficial. Spiritual healing is not concerned with religion or belief but instead focuses on compatibility. Spiritual healing occurs largely among practitioners who do not see traditional religious faith as a prerequisite for effecting cures. Spiritual healing originates in spirit and is a popular practice based on energy flow.

The human body is composed of mind, spirit and emotions. If they fail to work in unison, any one of these can place stress on the other parts so the healer, client and spirit all work in harmony to restore the proper flow of energy. Spiritual healing aims to give a person total healing.

The type of people who would gain benefits from consulting with a Spiritual Healer include:

  • - People who are frustrated with chronic or recurring problems
  • - People who are often very sensitive
  • - People who don't like to take medication
  • - People who have been in prolonged forms of treatment without much result
  • - People who are emotionally suffering and are unable to understand the source of their unhappiness, confusion, or anxiety

How does Spiritual Healing work?

Spiritual healing usually picks up where other treatments left off. Various chronic, recurring, or nagging conditions can be healed or greatly relieved by the more subtle processes of spiritual healing. Spiritual healing can be very empowering for the client, as there is a desire on the healer’s part to enable each person to heal themselves.

During the treatment session, the client is always made to feel safe and comfortable with some spiritual healers preferring to have their clients lie on a massage table, while others may ask if they can remain sitting up. As part of the healing process, some healers use touch while others will have their hands a few inches away from the client’s body or will simply sit opposite their client.

What are the components of Spiritual Healing?

  • - Universal energy or spiritual force (non-religious) can be directed by intention
  • - When focused on the human body, via the aura (human energy field), it raises the ‘spiritual vibrations’ of that person, improving health that allows your highest nature to unfold
  • - For optimum healing, repeated treatments are needed to overcome the body’s inertia
  • - When people are ill, it is common for them to say that they are ‘low in energy’; conversely when people are healthy, we talk about them bursting with energy.

What are the potential effects of Spiritual Healing?

  • - Reduced pain
  • - Alleviation of physical symptoms
  • - Greater sense of connection to the Universe
  • - Increased vitality
  • - Deepening inner peace
  • - Stress-relief, such as lightening burdens

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